Metal Cabinets and Modular Drawer Cabinets For Your Storage Needs

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All Welded Cabinets

All welded 14 gauge steel construction made in the USA for a lifetime of use. Heavy duty shelves support 1,450 lbs. each and are adjustable on 3” centers. Heavy duty doors have brass pins for smooth operation and are equipped with a secure 3-point locking system. Addition shelves can be added for increased versatility and with 4” legs welded to the cabinet the forklift base allows for easy movement anywhere in your facility.

All Welded Shelf Cabinets

All Welded Shelf Cabinet

All Welded Four Door Cabinets

All welded four door cabinet

All Welded Clear View Cabinets

All Welded Clearview Cabinet

All Welded Mobile Cabinets

All Welded Mobile Shelf Cabinet

All Welded Bin Cabinets

All Welded Bin Cabinet

All Welded Maintenance Cabinets

All Welded Maintenance Center with Modular Drawers

Economical Cabinets

With a variety of options economical cabinets offer an array of versatility and a cost that is affordable. Secure and sturdy, these cabinets are built for most environments with their rugged steel construction and 3-point locking system. Choose from a variety of colors, configurations, door options, accessories, door handle options, and layouts. Cabinets can be shipped either welded (setup) or knocked down.

Deluxe Storage Cabinets

Deluxe Economical Locker

Standard Storage Cabinets

Standard Economical Cabinet

Jumbo Storage Cabinets

Economical Standard Storage Cabinet

Speciality Cabinets

Speciality Cabinets

Cabinet Options

Cabinet Accessories

Safety Cabinets

Protect your employees and assets from fire, corrosives, paint and inks, and pesticides with a full line of safety cabinets. These cabinets are built with a rugged 18-gauge double walled all welded construction with 1 ½” of air space for superior protection. Doors contain full length piano hinges with a flush mounted paddle handle. Doors can be either self-closing or manual close. Shelves are adjustable on 3” centers with a heavy duty 350 lbs. capacity. All cabinets come with four zinc-plated leveling legs and screened flame arrester that is threaded to accept a standard 2” pipe for external exhaust. Powder coat paint provides a long-lasting finish.

Flammable Liquid Cabinets

Flammable Safety Cabinet

Acids & Corrosives Cabinets

Acids and Corrosives

Paints & Inks Cabinets

Paint cabinet

Pesticides Cabinets

Pesticides Cabinet

HazMat Response Cabinets

Welded Haz Mat cabinet

Safety Centers

Safety Center

Modular Drawer Cabinets (MDC)

Maximize your storage space with a high-quality product that offers maximum density and specificity to meet any needs. These cabinets create storage solutions that best optimize space, access, security, and cost with retrieval of small to mid-sized products in mind and come with a lifetime warranty for years of reliable operation. For large items add an overhead unit with or without lockable doors. With 5 widths ranging from 22” wide to 60” wide and 6 heights starting at 27” and ending at 60” we can offer the ideal solution with a high density storage cabinet. Drawers come with 30 available layout kits that be expanded or subdivided into an infinite number of custom compartments. With 400# of capacity per drawer and 100% full extension, parts can be easily recognized and picked to increase your productivity and reduce pick time. Custom solutions can be designed for applications in many fields including military, manufacturing, transportation, retail, wholesale, utilities, and more.

Standard Cabinet - 30" Wide

Standard Modular Drawer Cabinet

Slender Cabinets - 23" Wide

Slender Modular Drawer Cabinet

Medium Cabinet - 36" Wide

Medium Modular Drawer Cabinet

Extra Wide Cabinet - 44" Wide

Extra-Wide Modular Drawer Cabinet

Double Wide Cabinet - 60" Wide

Double-Wide Modular Drawer Cabinet

Overhead Units

Overheads for Modular Drawer Cabinets

Customer Designed MDC

Custom Modular Drawer Cabinet

Modular Drawer Cabinet Accessories

Modular Drawer Cabinet Accessories

Mobile Cabinets

Mobile Modular Drawer Cabinet

Modular Workstations

Modular Workstation

Drawers in Shelving

Drawers in Shelving

Weapons Storage